Thanksgiving Tradition

That was no turkey people saw entering the Belmont Savings Bank Monday afternoon, Nov. 20. In fact, that was Belmont Savings’ President and CEO Robert Mahoney wearing the over-sized turkey costume.

But this was not a bank promotional gone bad or the long-time banker paying off a losing bet. For the second time in as many years, Mahoney played ‘Tom Turkey’ delivering fresh holiday birds to bank employees a few days before Thanksgiving.

Mahoney – who for the past two years has been in charge at Belmont Savings – made the rounds Monday to each branch office, the backroom operation on Concord Avenue and finally finishing at the main office just before closing, carrying 125 birds around Waltham, Watertown and Belmont for staff to take home.

“He’s got great legs for a turkey,” noted one main branch employee while another chipped in, “I still have the up-most respect for you.”

Ever the banker, Mahoney chatted up a potential customer who was a bit amused finding himself with the bank’s CEO ‘a la turkey.’

“You still want to bank here?” Mahoney asked.

Mahoney – who has led the 127-year-old institution’s transformation from a mutual bank to a stock-ownership holding company and is pushing an expansion of branches and services to small-and-medium businesses – said the turkeys are a small way of thanking his staff before the holidays.

In addition to providing his own employees with the holiday bird – from Bob’s Turkey Farm in – the bank also donated 140 pounds of turkey to the Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen in Waltham.