Summer Stay-cation Ideas


Summertime is the ideal period to make memories as a family. The children are out of school and the weather is perfect for swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, while the kids may not have to worry too much about their responsibilities, most parents still have work schedules to keep and so it can be difficult to take extended family vacations. Taking a ‘stay-cation’, or a vacation without leaving town, can be a great way to make memories without having to take extended time off or spend an exuberant amount of money.

Explore local fun

It is easy to forget the attractions that are located in one’s own backyard. Try canoeing on the Charles River, hiking at Habitat or Lone Tree Hill in Belmont, or enjoying local parks with sprinklers like Beaver Brook Spray Deck in Belmont or Arsenal or Filippello Parks in Watertown.  For a little history, check out Minute Man National Historical Park. Create a budget for the day, such as $100, and factor in food and transportation. The rest is all for fun and will still be cheaper than a hotel! When using Belmont Savings Bank, the Local Rewards Program offers discounts at a variety local eateries around town, including Lily’s Cafe and French Bakery, which will help make the ‘stay-cation’ even more fun at the end of an adventurous day.

Turn the backyard into a beach or water park

Since traveling to an exotic beach or theme park may be out of the question this year, bring these attractions home. Set up a volleyball net, slip and slide, and some water sprinklers, all for less than $100 total, and with Belmont Savings Local Rewards, you can save 20% off at The Toy Shop of Belmont.  You can also see if some of the neighbors want to join in on the fun and create a block – wide bash. Choose a night to top off the at-home theme park with a barbeque and perhaps a block party. It is a great way for everyone to kick back and relax and enjoy summer.

Go on a camping trip

Many people discover that they have campgrounds very close. Camping is an excellent way to get away from the house, spend time swimming, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, all without spending too much money. Many campsites can be rented for less than $30 a night. Bring some sleeping bags, flashlights, ingredients for s’mores, and the perfect recipe has been created for some family fun. Stop at Champions Sporting Goods or one of the many other Local Rewards participants to stock up for the trip. Also, since Belmont Savings Bank offers free ATMs, you do not incur fees if you need to use an ATM. As an added bonus, if traveling to a campsite is out of the question, many families have found that doing a backyard ‘camp-out’ is another great way to make memories, without having to worry about bathroom access.

Making memories as a family is all about having unique experiences and laughter together. Any of these “stay-cation” ideas offer the chance to have this and more, without breaking the bank or taking extended time off work.


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