Solutions to Common Checking Problems

Christine Remby_jpgBelmont Savings Bank employee Christine Remby, who works in Deposit Operations, shares her advice on how to avoid checking account fees.

Last week, you went online and paid a few bills. But you also forgot to record in your checkbook that dinner you bought your girlfriends on Saturday. Now you’ve overdrawn. No problem, you think, as you quickly transfer the funds to cover it.

Unfortunately, whether it’s two hour or two seconds, once your account is in the negative, fees are automatically assessed. So how do you avoid these fees altogether? The best answer: always know your balance. A great way to keep up with your accounts is to sign up for online banking. That way you can check your balance from the comfort of your home or even from the convenience of the grocery store with your smart phone. You can also have balance notifications sent right to your phone when your account dips below a certain number. That way you can transfer the necessary funds into your account before you get charged those pesky fees.

Here are some other ways to avoid paying fees. As an informed customer, you know that you need to write five checks from your PlatinumBlue Checking to avoid the monthly service fee. So you write five checks between March 1st to March 30th, thinking this will cover you. Unfortunately, when you receive your statement, you see you were charged $25 dollars. A key thing to remember is that these conditions have to be met within one cycle period. PlatinumBlue Checking accounts cycle the 15th to the 15th of each month. So you want to make sure those five checks clear after the 15th but before the 15th of the following month. Try to remember the number five, because five debit card purchases, five checks or five online bill pays will all keep you from being assessed charges. An even easier way to avoid the service charge is to set up your account to receive a monthly direct deposit, like your paycheck, for example.

And here’s a reason to look forward to your golden years. At Belmont Savings, seniors pay lower fees than everyone else. Just remember to notify the bank when you turn sixty-five!


This blog post is the opinion of Belmont Savings Bank and is not to be taken as financial or investment advice. For personal financial advice, please consult a financial advisor. To learn more about PlatinumBlue Checking, please visit or call 617-484-6700.