Oh The Places You’ll Bank!

Mobile DepositIt is hard for some of us to conceptualize the reality of not needing to step into a brick and mortar branch to do our banking. We like the lollipops and personal attention, but the ease and convenience of mobile banking continues to grow with small and large banks alike.

For those of us that do not have an affliction to transferring money with the ‘swish’ and a ‘tap’ of a finger, mobile banking might just be the greatest invention ever. Between carting the kids around, cooking meals and trying to find time for you, having the ability to manage funds from essentially anywhere you are has great value.

Look at Belmont Savings Bank’s mobile app for example… you can transfer money from one account to another, pay bills, and even deposit a check- without stepping foot in a branch. Talk about a time saver. Now you can deposit all those holiday and birthday checks written out to the kids right from home- oh the places you’ll bank!

The CalcMoolator is another app that comes in handy, and helps make financial decisions on the go. It hosts a compilation of calculators for every need: cost of a pet, insurance interest, retirement and even your carbon footprint!

For the bargain hunters out there, CardStar is an app that lets you load your customer loyalty cards right in your phone. This prevents you from rummaging around for your keychain at the checkout counter to get discounts.

Talking about discounts, RetailMeNot is the latest and greatest for mobile couponing. Who has time to cut coupons anymore? With this app you can get notifications of nearby coupon deals at over 100,000 popular stores.

So whether you aspire to save, learn, or bank on the go, these apps are some of the best. Happy Mobile Banking!

Source: Katie Bates