Kids Benefit in Belmont

At Belmont Savings Bank (“BSB”), we care about the people, local shops, nonprofit organizations and family-owned businesses that comprise the vibrant towns we serve. The missions and endeavors of these individuals and organizations enrich and inspire us daily. As a thank you for the hard work, diligence and ingenuity, we’re dedicating a series of blog posts to spotlight some of the individuals behind the programs, events and businesses that make these towns special.


Belmont High School has repeatedly earned a position among the top ten high schools in Massachusetts by U. S. News & World Report. In her third year as president, Belmont-resident Jamie Hood Shea presides over the Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE), an organization that has a significant impact on Belmont Public Schools.

A sharp and energetic married mother of three, Shea undeniably cares about the FBE’s focus on providing innovative programs and technology to enhance the learning experience and support enrichment throughout her children’s school system. It’s evident in her enthusiasm for the three grant rounds offered by the foundation, her account of the numerous annual events in the community and her fondness for the dedicated people who share in the work.

Last year, the FBE awarded more than $210,000 to school educators and administrators seeking funds for enrichment programs, curriculum, professional development and technology.

Over the years, Belmont Savings Bank has emerged as a strong partner. FBE’s relationship with Belmont Savings Bank began in January 2011. First, the bank signed on as an investor, and subsequently established a program that feeds the education fund through a checking account program.

For every new Belmont Education Rewards Checking Account opened by an individual bank customer, the bank donates $50 to the FBE’s “Textbook Fund.”* The money supplies various curriculum materials to Belmont students, not textbooks exclusively.

Additionally, the Belmont Savings Bank matches the donation by depositing $50 directly into the individual’s checking account, with no strings attached. On top of that, BSB donates 0.25% of the average annual balance of all Education Rewards Checking Accounts to the FBE Textbook Fund.*

The bank also consults with the FBE Board of Trustees on ways to grow its investors and ignite fundraising efforts. In fact, three Belmont Savings Bank employees hold positions on the FBE board. “The organization’s on the cutting edge of how to partner with other businesses in town,” she says.

Bank employees continually approach the FBE to inquire about ways they can be involved in the organization’s mission. The most recent brainchild came to fruition at a special awards ceremony on April 30 to honor a teacher from Belmont Public Schools for going above and beyond in the classroom.

Photo: Belmont High Biology teacher Suzanne Lijek named one of “Outstanding Teacher of the Year.”

Belmont High Biology teacher Suzanne Lijek named “Outstanding Teacher of the Year.”

The teacher recognition program, sponsored by Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, was created to recognize the extraordinary contributions made by teachers in the Belmont Public Schools. “It’s a community event with absolutely no fundraising involved,” Shea explains. “It’s purely to feel good about our schools and honor the hardworking teachers.”

Shea has taken note of the ways BSB is involved in town, her town. “They support the community and it’s a good bank,” she relays. “When I walk in there, they know who I am and they know the man in line behind me. They are trying to make the community better and it shows in everything they do.”

Are your children enrolled in the Belmont Public Schools? To date, more than $33,000 has been donated to the FBE through the Belmont Education Rewards Checking program.** Get on board today and receive $50!^ For more information, please visit us HERE.

^Each statement cycle the Belmont Education Rewards Checking is inactive, all ATM surcharges for that statement cycle will apply. To avoid a $25.00 monthly service charge, the account must be active. Belmont Education Rewards Checking is considered active with direct deposit(s) within each statement cycle or $2500 average daily balance or 5 debit card POS (pinned or signature) transactions that post and settle during the statement cycle or 5 third party cleared checks per monthly statement cycle or 5 online bill payments during the monthly statement cycle. .25% annual interest is calculated on the average monthly balance of all Belmont Education Rewards Checking accounts and paid semi-annually (June & December) to the Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE). Customers will be notified semi-annually (June & December) of the amount donated from their account.

*For both you and the school to earn $50, you must sign up for direct deposit or apply for a debit card or enroll in online banking. The $50 will be credited to your Belmont Education Rewards Checking account and a $50 contribution will be made to the FBE within 90 days following the addition of direct deposit, a completed debit card application or enrollment in online banking. A $250.00 minimum deposit (new money only) required to open a Belmont Education Rewards Checking account.

**Total donation amount includes donations from Belmont Education Rewards Checking, Belmont Savings Bank, and the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation.