How can I help you: A colleague’s insight on customer service

We asked our employees to weigh in with their thoughts on customer service. Matt Sullivan in Retail Banking offered these inspirational words.

My parents provided me with a blueprint of how to work and work well. Diligence, punctuality, attention to detail, and thoroughness define how they approach their tasks. It wasn’t until after college though that I experienced a shift in my mindset and understood the importance of putting myself behind the needs of customers and coworkers. No task was too small or great. No request too extravagant. I took the initiative so someone else could take a breather. The harder I worked, the easier it seemed and, above all, I was satisfied with what I was doing.

I realized there were things I could do to serve others that ultimately made my life better: encouraging coworkers, going above and beyond for customers and seeing every situation as an opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life for good.

I see these qualities in the people I work with at Belmont Savings Bank. Yes, we have goals to achieve, but the people always come first. We want our customers (really, they are our guests) to feel welcomed and at home whenever they enter our branches. We foster a spirit of warmth and community among our various departments that naturally flows from the teller line to the folks we do business with.

It is an exciting place to work, and I love walking into that spirit to start a shift.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to how we relate to others. No man is an island and, as most of us sitting alone at home with two feet of snow and nowhere to go felt this winter, we do not savor the solitude for long. We need interaction. We need community. We should desire to see those around us succeed and make it possible for them to achieve their goals. And it’s only when we put ourselves on the back burner and become truly involved in the lives of those around us that we feel any satisfaction.

I have told many people that I feel satisfied with my work when I go home, and know that someone’s life was made better by the way I helped and treated them that day. Work does not have to be a grind. It does not even have to be work. When you live by these things, you find contentment that no paycheck can provide.