Getting Back into the Back-to-School Routine

BacktoSchoolBack to school. These three words might sound gloomy to some, while they might cause delight for others. With back-to-school clothing sales and displays with notebooks and crayons popping up all over, it’s time for parents to think about transitioning your kids back into the school routine.


Do your kids stay up later in the summer to enjoy the longer days? Switching to a school-night bedtime cold turkey may cause a little angst, and more than a few tears. Instead, the week before school begins, start getting your kids to bed just 15 minutes earlier each night, continuing until an acceptable bedtime has been reached.

School Mornings

The first few mornings in September’s back-to-school routine adjustment can be chaotic. Ease into the routine by having your kids pick out their clothes and pack their backpacks the night before. Younger children will need more reminders, but every minute of business that’s taken care of the night before is one less thing to remember in the morning when the school bus is on its way.


Packing your kids’ lunches? It’s a great way to ensure healthy meals and save a little money. Give them some ownership over their lunch (and increase the chance they eat it all) by having your kids help pick out the food. For example, you might have them choose fresh fruit and vegetable sandwich toppings from Kay’s Farm Fresh of Watertown. They’ll feel like they have a say in their lunch, and you’ll be able to guide them to healthy choices.

Back to school means new routines, earlier bedtimes, and fast-paced mornings. Smooth the transition by easing into the changes now. Kids might still grumble getting back into routine on the first day of school, but at least they won’t miss the bus! Do not forget to take the time to celebrate the new school year with a gift for your kids from the Belmont Toy Shop  and continue to save money with your Belmont Savings Debit Card. You can even treat yourself at one of the many participating Local Rewards stores like Bessie Blue or A Chocolate Dream. You deserve it!