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November 7, 2016

Just as with buying a home, selling also comes with its share of dues. You need to prepare your home for prospective buyers as well as pay part of the closing costs, which average around 3% of the home price. Here’s a breakdown of the types of costs you can expect. Home repairs and inspections: BeforeRead the Rest »

October 31, 2016

If you’re looking to earn the highest possible yield on your investments without sacrificing the safety of government backed insurance, certificates of deposit are one way to go. By using a laddering approach with your CD purchases, you can take things up a notch, gaining even more from this already solid investment. What is aRead the Rest »

October 27, 2016

No matter how enthusiastic you are, trying to formally teach finance to kids is a tall order that is likely to make their eyes glaze over. Hold their attention by keeping money lessons relevant, age-appropriate and a bit playful. First finances Preschoolers can grasp that money is exchanged for stuff. Teach them the names of coins,Read the Rest »

September 8, 2016

Landing that first job means having a regular influx of cash, but steady work alone doesn’t guarantee financial health. Here’s how to build the foundation for lifetime financial security. Get on budget It truly doesn’t pay to wing it. Budgeting is the most effective way to get and keep finances on track. Just add upRead the Rest »

September 8, 2016

There are not many places better than New England in the Fall. The changing of leaves, the crisp fall air, and a cozy sweater are enough to make most New Englanders love this season. In addition, there are many family-friendly events right in our community filled will fun fall activities. So get ready and meet us at some of the upcoming events below!  Read the Rest »

September 2, 2016

Sometimes it’s smarter to buy certain items according to the season, like sweaters near the end of winter and swimsuits in late summer. But what’s the best season for buying a house? The answer: the fall. As temperatures cool and trees shed their leaves, enough factors break in the buyer’s favor to make it theRead the Rest »

September 2, 2016

Fall means dreams of pumpkin spice lattes, turkey dinners and a cozy holiday season just around the corner. Here are five ways to make sure you’re financially well-equipped for the last stretch of the year. 1. Tackle back-to-school shopping wisely Whether you’re shopping for your kids or yourself, approaching back-to-school sales with a clear focusRead the Rest »

Common Fraud Scams and How to Avoid Them
August 7, 2015

In this Mahoney Money Minute, Bob Mahoney, President and CEO of Belmont Savings Bank, discusses how to decide when it’s worth refinancing.  

July 29, 2015

Learn successful networking tips from Bob Mahoney, President and CEO of Belmont Savings Bank in the Mahoney Money Minute.    

July 21, 2015

Learn questions to consider when deciding if graduate school is the right choice for you. Bob Mahoney, CEO of Belmont Savings Bank, weighs in on masters degrees in this Mahoney Money Minute.

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