Cutting Costs Without Cutting Comfort


Saving money doesn’t have to mean spending hours clipping coupons or purchasing everything in bulk. Many families find that taking a good look at their lives and expenses reveals some clues to where money is unnecessarily trickling away on a regular basis.

Buy Generic

In many cases, generic brands are exactly the same as the name brand, but at a lower price. You can significantly cut your grocery bill by buying the generic version of your items. Try the generic versions to see if you like them. If you do, you’ve just saved yourself some cash. If you don’t, just go back to your regular brand. Odds are you’ll find at least a few generic products you like as much as, or more than, the name brand version, which can translate to big savings.

Lower Monthly Expenses

Most homes can shave money off their monthly bills with a few simple tricks. Turn the temperature on your water heater down, and only run a full dishwasher. Adjust your furnace and air conditioner temperature by a few degrees to reduce the time they spend running. Check out your car, health and home insurance rates and call around for quotes from different companies to find the best deal for your family.

Exchange Entertainment Options

Eating out, going to the movies and catching a ball game are all fun activities, but those costs add up quickly. Examine your entertainment expenses and see where you can exchange these costs. Sure that $40 steak dinner out is delicious, but you could buy the same ingredients and have a similar meal at home for half the cost. Instead of seeing that new romantic comedy in the theater, rent your favorite flick and have a low-cost movie night at home. Take the kids to the park or your own backyard to play your own game of baseball instead of spending a lot on an afternoon at the crowded ballpark.

Focus on Family

Although kids enjoy amusement parks and other pricey activities, having fun as a family doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. Save money on new toys or activities by recycling old newspapers into paper mache’ projects. Organize a scavenger hunt around the house using old jewelry, homemade snacks or special privileges as prizes. Start a small garden where your kids can plant their favorite flowers or vegetables as a learning project, and grow your own organic food at the same time. Check out Belmont Savings Bank’s events page, for upcoming family friendly events!


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