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May 29, 2014

Are you looking to buy your first home? Here are 10 mortgage vocabulary words you’ll need to know: 1. Annual percentage rate (APR). APR is a standard method of calculating mortgage costs stated as a yearly rate. It includes interest, mortgage insurance, points and/or credit costs. Since it includes other items, the APR number willRead the Rest »

May 22, 2014

Rising home prices in recent years also mean rising home equity, as the price of your home has likely increased well above the amount you owe on your mortgage. If you have equity, it’s worth considering opening a HELOC, or home equity line of credit. This is a low-cost way to borrow money with manyRead the Rest »

May 15, 2014

When you get married and start a life with someone, virtually every aspect of your lives becomes merged, including your finances. It is customary, although not a requirement, for a couple to open a joint checking account when they wed or shortly thereafter. Here are some reasons why joint accounts are a better idea forRead the Rest »

May 7, 2014

Whether you’re shopping around for your first home, a new home or even an investment property, one of the most important factors to concern yourself with is the mortgage. No two mortgages are created equal and what works for your neighbor, family member or best friend might not work for you at all. The twoRead the Rest »

March 28, 2014

Having a baby is an exciting time in a family. It can also be a little overwhelming financially. The U.S. Department of Agriculture state that a kid will cost you $400,000 in his or her first 18 years, assuming an annual household income of $105,000 or more.   The keys to managing these new financesRead the Rest »

March 14, 2014

Each year, high school seniors graduate from high school and make a big step onto their new college campus. However, a lot of preparation is required to determine which college campus that will be. Belmont Savings own CEO Bob Mahoney sat down with Dr. Laurie Nash, a local Independent Educational Consultant, to discuss the journeyRead the Rest »

March 12, 2014

Chances are, you’re sitting on cash. (No, we’re not talking about the loose change hiding under your sofa cushions.) It’s the equity in your home that you can access for important expenses through a Belmont Savings Bank Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). While no one would suggest you dig into these funds to payRead the Rest »

March 4, 2014

Everyone likes a good savings.  Whether you’re searching for best rates in the market or best deals in the store, most people are trying to save. But did you know about all the apps available to help you save? CNN’s Money Magazine* has pulled some of the best apps for shoppers looking for the bestRead the Rest »

February 7, 2014

Belmont Savings Bank CEO and President Bob Mahoney returned to Cooking with the CEO this February for a special Valentines Day treat! In front of the Belmont Savings Bank branch in the Waltham Shaw’s located at 1070 Lexington Street, Chef Bob put his baking skills treating grocery shoppers to Armenian Crescent Cookies. Interested in makingRead the Rest »

November 19, 2013

As the cost of college continues to rise, many parents find themselves feeling anxious about how to save enough money to help their children through college. Some parents are looking to have enough put away to foot the entire bill, while others may be looking to be able to contribute a portion. Whatever the finalRead the Rest »