Budgeting For Summertime Activities

FamilyAs a working mother with an adventurous 3 year old daughter and cuddly 8 month old son, weekend family time is of the utmost importance to my husband and I. Coupled with the financial demands of a mortgage, day care, and 529 plans it is imperative that we find activities that create joyful memories during our children’s childhood that won’t break our monthly budget.

We are so happy to have found Hale Reservation located in Westwood MA. For an annual Family Membership fee of $915.00 per year we have access to a beach and summer activities both during the week and weekends. Coupled with the fact Hale is located only a few miles from our home we enjoy minimal fuel costs.

My husband and I compared the average cost of a 3 day family trip within 250 miles from our home in and found that including lodging, fuel costs, meals and entertainment it would exceed the cost of our summer membership to Hale. By setting aside $77.00 per month we can provide our family with a summer activity filled with adventure from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Selfishly, we also avoid the hassle of loading and unloading our children and their accouterments’   whilst listening to my daughters new favorite phrase “are we there yet”.  We’ve also made wonderful friendships with other families visiting Hale and my daughter always appreciates the familiarity of her surroundings.





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