Belmont Savings Bank Culture

Doreen Spirito_jpgAt Belmont Savings, we have many employees who have been with us for long time. When we recently asked if they would be willing to share their experiences, Doreen Spirito in Human Resources stepped up to the plate and had this to say:

My name is Doreen, and I have worked for Belmont Savings Bank for 17 years. I have to admit I am surprised that a job has kept me interested for this long. I wonder sometimes what keeps me motivated through the years. I have seen colleagues come and go, I’ve seen the Bank during bad times, good times and very good times. One thing that stands out for me is our focus on teamwork, whether it’s with the people who sit next to you, the people who are in another building or the people who are clear across town. Nothing can beat the surprise that overwhelms you when you have a lot on your plate and you hear someone say, I’ll help you or I’ll take care of that for you. All of that helps hold us together. You know you can count everyone here at Belmont Savings.

How can we help you? This is our motto, and the words we live by in service to our customers. What’s really gratifying is when that becomes our motto for how we treat each other, too.