5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding


According to a survey done by bridal site TheKnot, the average wedding costs a jaw-dropping $27,000. That’s quite a lot of cash. However, it’s important to consider that this has $40,000+ weddings skewing the average. Your, or your loved one’s, wedding can be magical without completely emptying your savings account. It’s all a matter of deciding what’s important to you, and using a little bit of ingenuity to make it all happen. A few tips to try:

  1. Pick one, important splurge. Picture your dream wedding, and what one special detail sticks out? Do you want a beautiful location? Perfect, indulgent food? Is it all about the band? Spend the most money on what is most important to you to get the best bang for your buck on your special day.
  2. Ditch the things that are not important to you. Not a champagne fan? Have guests toast with whatever other drinks they may be enjoying. Would you be just as happy having a cocktail reception as you would with a sit-down dinner? Save some cash while treating your guests to drinks and canapes. Don’t bow to pressure from relatives or to ideas of what is “necessary” or “right” to have a perfect wedding. Any part of a traditional ceremony or reception that you do not feel should be there is one that you should not spend money on. It’s your wedding, you can celebrate it however you want.
  3. Tap friends for help. If you are friends with a cake decorator, seamstress, photographer or anyone else with wedding-ready skills, consider asking them for help. Many might be willing to help out as a wedding gift. The best projects for help from friends are those that can be done in advance, or that won’t take too much time out of the special day.
  4. Do it yourself – within reason. It’s fairly easy to make your own invitations using premade kits. If you are skilled at floral arrangement, you may also consider making bridal bouquets. However, do not take on too much, and calculate costs before you dive in. Not all DIY projects save enough money to be worth it.

Pick an off time to get married. Wedding venues and service providers charge the highest prices when their services are most in demand. Instead of a June wedding, consider asking about rates during other seasons. You can also save money by having a weekday wedding, if that will work with your schedule, and that of your guests.


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